Realized I hadn’t posted some reviews.

Colby For President !!!

This time, the sequel is the better. And luckily Colby is not like wine, it doesn’t get better with age.. but even Colby is better this time around. Alexa’s in trouble, the US is in trouble yet somehow, even with the darkness and stark — this book was like the first: I couldn’t help but laugh at the antics of the Dae, the frustrations and mechanizations Alexa uses to get out of these just so fun times.


 A demon using iphone…

Tom must be a gamer. That’s all I kept thinking when I wasn’t in awe of the transformation of Phoenix into Malikai’s Phoenix.This is dark, violent, supernatural gamer crack at it’s finest. A hero demon, the every-man father, a flaming sword and a hatred for vampire tropes! Awesome work. If there was one tiny bit in the back of my mind that would pause in recommending this story .. it starts slow. Malikai isn’t the easiest to get to know as far as literature’s anti-heroes, and that I feel affects the initial pacing, the initial hook of the book.


 A true stand alone, that stands on it’s own.

Blain has done it again. Taken an idea and twisted, turned and produced a read that is well worth the time, but I doubt you’ll notice the time flying by as you cheer, jeer, and sometimes laugh at and with Matilda and Ryan. A stand alone book, and it’s a true stand alone. You don’t need the rest of the Witch & Wolf series to enjoy it, and I didn’t pick up on any in-the-know jokes that often times mar such stand alone works. That being said, if this is your introduction to the Witch & Wolf world.. Go and get the others, if you liked this, you’ll thank yourself you did.


 Heroism and Horror beyond the 8 legged terrors.

If your looking for a down right creepy, instinctual terror than look no further than Pathosis. LaVelle’s grasp of arachnid movements and abilities is something sure to keep those with a fear of spiders sweeping even the lightest dust fall away from them. Yet, beyond the spiders is the heroic tale of a pretty well rounded daddy’s girl stepping up and becoming a powerful protector, someone who’s surviving the apocalypse around her.

Another note, if anyone loves a technically detailed yarn, this is for them. LaVelle takes great pains to give the reader every nuance, every detail as if the reader where actually there and well.. what you remember from the scene afterwards is probably what you would have remembered if you were there. And that’s a great storyteller.


Gotta remember to publish these when I get stories done. I really appreciate any time a story does that thing where I’m transported elsewhere for a while. One of the ways to give back to such authors.. tell others about them, and write reviews.

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