Posted by on February 2, 2017

About the site.

I’m liking it, Really liking it. I’m using a lot of CC art when I can. But a lot of things, the sunset pictures, the sun rise pics.. those are all mine and I’m enjoying the color theme they give the site.

About new books

I’ve picked up a few freebies, and been generously given a few more to read and review. So looking forward to that. Two authors I’ve grown to like and respect, and two that I’ve never read before.

About my time

I’ve offered a few local schools to go in and talk about online safety and cyber bullying. I’m also offering to talk about getting into cyber security careers. Some of the groups I’m in may also be working with an upcoming SciTech EXPO for local public schools. So, I’m thinking it’s going to be awesome times ahead. And to those author friends of mine that have asked about me writing the next cyber YA series.. It’s in the works.



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