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The Dark Epic Nights of Bratislava

My Lords of the Night, Let this serve as reminder and introduction that I am cherished and trusted by the Prince and Court of Vienna. I, Evedana Wyskos am known throughout the Princedom and should be known to you, as … Continue reading

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Influence Actions

Copying this here as I can never find them when I want.   INFLUENCE ENDEAVORS AND MODIFIERS In addition to the actions listed on the Influence charts in the various MET source books, characters may perform the additional endeavors listed … Continue reading

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Playing with Other people’s Characters

Yes, none of these characters are mine. Yes, if the author’s want I will pull this post down. But I hope they realize this is all just in fun. So with that, three recent characters from R.J. Blain, Trillian Anderson, … Continue reading

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Another year … another thought

Congrats to all those that survived 2016. And sorrows for those that did not. For myself and mine.. we survived. Bodies, family, loves all good. Slowly working on my next task – a very dry, academic task that has no … Continue reading

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