My Worlds and Books



This then is the entryway, the gate into the worlds I create. Your welcome to move between them, browse the worlds, settings and as I get them in order the stories within and the books exploring such places.

One place that isn’t a new world, instead it’s our own, but the stories are set so very long ago, in Ancient Scotland.



First off, a place close to home: Providence Rhode Island. The first setting and novel set on my Fantasy Noir world — The Delphic Earth.



The second is a cyberpunk world, a world where governments to survive had to band with all kinds of corporations. Some places have become utopic versions of their current wishes. Other places vary from near anarchy to totalitarianism. 




Next up, Urban Fantasy from the other side of the Hedge. Where tales of the Fae begin at home, and sometimes come into our world.


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