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The Dark Epic Nights of Bratislava

My Lords of the Night,

Let this serve as reminder and introduction that I am cherished and trusted by the Prince and Court of Vienna. I, Evedana Wyskos am known throughout the Princedom and should be known to you, as Harpy.

Know this, I am here between summons to observe and bestow what reputation and acknowledge what boons and deeds you may make known to me.

In fact, under our shared Traditions, you may accept it as required within your Prince’s Domain and your own Noble hospitality to house and shelter me and mine so that we may spread word of you and yours not only back to our Prince, but throughout the Night. 

Evedana Wyskos

 === The Traditions ===

The First Tradition: The Legacy

The Second Tradition: Destruction

The Third Tradition: Progeny

The Fourth Tradition: Accounting

The Fifth Tradition: Domain

The Sixth Tradition: The Silence of the Blood

============= The Place ============

Bratislava Slovakia in 1195, is held undersway by a small collection of Vampires. Up till now, these vampires have been overshadowed by the Prince in Vienna. For it has been the Prince’s might and reputation that has held the Werewolves of the Danube Basin and lower Carpathian Forest at bay.

Now, the Prince has sent his harpy in place of calling forth the city to his Court. Does it imply something to the Prince’s strength?

Either way, these nights are the nights when your stratagems, maneuverings and goals must bear fruit. For with the Harpy in town, should she learn of your triumphs – your reputation through out the land will increase. And with that, so to shall your power.

These are Epic Nights indeed…

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